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Do the opposite to the crowd and build a leverageable coaching business and a brand.




THE CLUB by Zoe’s School of Life

Welcome to THE CLUB

Welcome to THE CLUB, the home for ambitious female coaches and online experts who are looking to build a leveregeable business and brand. 

Join THE CLUB and get ready to START>BUILD>GROW your coaching or online expert business 


This is your roadmap to building a successful coaching or online expert business and a brand.

The CLUB BLUEPRINT is a simple framework that when implemented enables you to have the success you desire in building your coaching or online expert business.  The secrets revealed in the CLUB BLUEPRINT are designed to take you from the very beginning of building a business all the way through to being the CEO of your own successful coaching and building a brand for yourself.

…and because I firmly believe that SIMPLY is best the blue print is broken down to four simple pillars of success.

Building a successful business, making an impact and creating your legacy doesn’t have to be complicated.

the four pillars of success

Pillar 1 – POWER  your internal drive to build a leverageable coaching business depends on taking the right action

You have the potential to build a great business that can truly make an impact. This pillar shares the secrets of how you can build a successful business  by focusing on highly leveraged activity that produces revenue.

Pillar 2- POSITION yourself in your niche market and effortlessly attract clients

The secrets revealed in pillar one enable you to focus on intimately understanding your market and your potential clients deepest desires, pains, fears, hopes and dreams. When you know your potential clients more than any one else in your market as this will enable you to effectively project the right messages.  

Pillar 3- PROJECT  the right messages that resonate with your dream clients so they become paying clients

The game changing secrets in this pillar ensure that you project the right messages which resonate with your 

Pillar 4 – PRODUCE freedom of income and time whilst making the impact you truly desire

A wildly successful coaching business is one where your potential clients are chasing you and not the other way around.  This pillar enables you to build a business that will allow to be able to predictably and consistently generate, new leads, clients and revenue. 


Join THE CLUB for just £29 per month. What’s included?

  Immediate access to THE CLUB BLUE PRINT, enabling  you to go from start up to running a leverageable coaching and online business in four simple pillars.

Weekly prompts supporting you in implementing the blueprint

✓ Two live video group coaching monthly masterminds

✓ Global community of ambitious women who are inspired imperfect action takers.

✓ International  guest speakers  supporting you in all aspects of building your business



If you truly want  to build a leveregeable coaching or online expert business that is going to enable you to make an impact, realise your potential and make the type of money you truly dream of  it is going to take hard work and dedication from YOU.  It will require you to believe in your service. I am passionate about helping women who are 100% committed to getting behind the success of their coaching business.  If you are ready to commit to going ALL IN  then join THE CLUB.



✓  How long is it before I am able to build a leveregeable business?  Before i answer this question I am going to ask you a question. Are you willing to work for it no matter how long it takes? If the answer is NO THE CLUB isn’t for you. It will take as long as it takes for YOU to build your levergeable coaching or online expert business. No business or brand can truly be built on an 8 week or 12 week programme. If you are looking to only commit to building your business in 8 weeks then what you want is fast money. You can get fast money by implementing the pillars but the key aim and mission of THE CLUB is to support you in building a leveregeable business and a lifelong brand for yourself.

✓Can I really build a leveregeable business for £29 per month?  Yes you can, whilst there are no guarantees to success once you are inside THE CLUB you are provided with maximum support to build a levergeable business which takes time. THE CLUB aim isn’t to teach you how you can make £10K, £20K a month it is to reveal via the pillars of success how you can build a successful coaching business which takes time.

✓Is there a minimum commitment? I have thought about it, but want to keep it as easy as possible for you, so no.
✓ Are there any refunds?  There are no refunds for the month membership, however you can cancel your upcoming month whenever you please.
✓ Will I have access to the content if I cancel my membership? Once your membership is cancelled, your access to the blue print, online masterminds, resources etc will no longer be available.

£29 per month

for less than £1 a day join THE CLUB and build your legacy